Latino Business Alliance (LBA), “Hispanic Heritage and Awards Gala 2017


Music Moves Produces Talent for Latino Business Alliance (LBA), “Hispanic Heritage and Awards Gala 2017”

“Mariachi Oestes” from the Academy of Music and Performance turned out to be the perfect solution.

“Mariachi Oestes”Newhall, CA - September 9, 2017 - Music Moves, the not-for-profit organization based in the Santa Clarita Valley, was selected by the Latino Business Alliance (LBA), in alliance with the Santa Clarita Valley Chamber of Commerce, to produce the entertainment for their annual awards banquet VIP reception.

When the Director of the LBA, Mr. Bill Miranda, approached the President of Music Moves, Kurt Wilson, the question was asked…” can you get us a mariachi band”? Wilson replied “yes, but what’s your budget?”. As the LBA are also a non-profit, the budget was very limited…after all the awards gala is also a fund-raiser.

After researching the Music Moves talent directory, the first approach was to source an adult Mariachi band. After a few phone calls, it quickly became obvious that contracting a professional Mariachi band in Los Angeles for a Saturday night gig was going to be expensive and, with only a couple of weeks’ notice, a very slim choice of really good Mariachis.

What to do?? Thanks to quick thinking Band Director and supporter of Music Moves Roger Brooks, his suggestion was “find a student Mariachi, there are quite a few of them in LA” …it was such an obvious solution, as not only would this be a cost-effective solution, but this would allow Music Moves to remain within their primary mission, which is to ‘support music education in public schools’.


Ram Gutierrez, Susie Ruffner, Kurt Wilson - Music Moves

After contacting a few Mariachi school programs, Wilson discovered the Academy of Music and Performing Arts at Hamilton High School in Los Angeles. Upon making contact with Band Director Greg Robinson, the two began working on the logistics of bringing the 12 members “Mariachi Oestes” from Hamilton HS in Los Angeles to Newhall (about a 45 minute drive) on a Saturday afternoon, with little or no budget to even hire a LA Unified school bus. Fortunately, Bill Miranda made a couple of calls and the band was eventually transported in a Mercedes VIP limo bus provided by Lightning Limos in Santa Clarita Valley.

Ok, so now its show time! On the first note played, it was obvious that “Mariachi Oestes” was the right choice, and the VIP guests confirmed this with their rousing applause and overflowing compliments to the performers.

At the end of the day, the LBA and their distinguished guests were treated to an amazing performance and Music Moves was able to complete another successful mission. Greg Robinson was also thrilled and stated that any and every live performance the students do helps them in developing their musical and performance abilities.



About the Latino Business Alliance & Santa Clarita Valley Chamber of Commerce-

To foster a creative and dynamic environment that promotes and represents business in the Santa Clarita Valley area, through proactive relationships, leadership development, governmental advocacy, and relevant member services. We are committed to assisting our members grow their businesses, adapt to new challenges and enhance their connection with our community.

About The Academy of Music and Performing Arts -

The Academy of Music engages and supports students who have a passion for the performing arts. We seek to prepare students to make informed future educational and career choices by immersing them in challenging and rigorous performance programs which are fused with academics, evolving technologies, and professional experiences.

About Music Moves –

Music Moves© is a sustainable program to underwrite music education in public schools by partnering with the business community through Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) initiatives.

“Many documented studies show that children who study music and participate in school music programs are more adept at math, physics and science studies – and are more likely to attend university and earn degrees – a high return on investment for our communities to produce a well educated workforce”.









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