The Music Moves© mission is to raise awareness of the need to support music education in public schools by partnering with the business community through Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) initiatives and production of annual events and concerts.



Our core mission is to support music education in public schools. We do this in a variety of ways, and our services include not only local public schools in our neighborhood, but to other schools in the Los Angeles region, in California and eventually establish chapters in several major US cities and overseas.



We began as Band Parents ourselves, and when our sons and daughters graduated from High School band, we decided to continue the mission. By reaching out to school band programs we already know, and to others we continue to meet. When we meet with the Band Directors, our first question is always; “how can we help; what are the immediate needs of your band program; and what are some of the long term goals for sustainability?”


In some cases, there are existing band programs that are fairly self-sustaining, but still need financial assistance to purchase miscellaneous supplies like sheet music, guitar strings, or upgrade / replacement of marching band uniforms. Additional funding needs can also include repair or purchase of new musical instruments.


Other examples include schools who either have never had a band program and would like to start one, or a school that has had a band program in the past and lost the funding to continue the program – and – perhaps have given up on trying to restart one.



Music Moves© very first project took place in Santa Clarita, CA. We co-produced a “Cumbia” benefit show with the Golden Valley HS Band Boosters, a 501c3 non-profit organization. The event featured the ‘house band’ from the world-famous Conga Club, “La Internacional Sonora Show”. The event was hailed a success and in addition to generating much needed funding for the GVHS Band, the project also donated funds to the Hart District Honor Jazz Band.


Since that time Music Moves© provided musical talent to the Latino Business Alliance (LBA), for their annual Gala Awards benefit in Newhall, CA. Music Moves© arranged a performance of the “Mariachi Del Oestes”, a 12-member group from the Academy of Music & Performing Arts (Hamilton HS).



Music Moves© continues to pursue and develop programs for several schools that include:


A middle school in Los Angeles: needs include formation and management of a Parents Band Booster Organization. Currently there are 250 music students and only 2-3 parents are participating in fundraising efforts. The school’s Band Director has also requested assistance in forming a horn section that would be added to their existing band program.


A charter school in the Los Angeles area: specific need calls for development, formation and management of a band program. The school offers a theater arts program but has expressed a desire to add a band program to their curriculum.


An elementary school in the Los Angeles area: specific need calls for development, formation and management of a music program. The school currently does not offer a music program and has expressed a desire to add a music program to their curriculum.


A school in Cleveland, OH: The high school had a band program several years ago and was eliminated due to budget cuts. Our mission is to partner with the school’s Principal and the school district staff to formulate a plan that would reinstate a band program for the school.


In collaboration with the Institute of Maximum Human Potential (IMHP), Music Moves© will provide support and services to their “A Place for Everyone” Music Therapy Program. IMHP states; “we hope to bridge a wide range of generational and cultural gaps in our society. In addition to being a provider of mental health and social service programs for youth and families, part of IMHP’s vision is to create an innovative concert series to promote inter-generational and cross-cultural engagement of our greater society”.



In addition to keeping focused on our core missions, Music Moves© is currently in development of programs on a national and international scale, designed to shine a light on the importance of music education, not only in public schools, but private, charter, community colleges and universities as well. These programmed events are designed to raise much needed funding for music education programs in under-served communities.


Here are just a few examples of what we have cooking!



“Mozart!” is an ‘’internet broadcast reality show’ that follows several high school student musicians from under-served schools around the globe, who practice and rehearse via the Internet and social media for a chance to perform with the world renown “Mozarteum Orchestra Salzburg” during the annual “Mozart Festival” in Salzburg, Vienna. The event would feature the student musicians performing as their own orchestra, as well with the Mozarteum Orchestra Salzburg.


“One Beat-One World” (OB-OW)

 “The rhythm of music is the foundation of our common souls”

Designed as an annual fundraising event, OB-OW explores and connects the most common, basic methods of early man’s use of sounds and drum beats to communicate with each other. Each event location would host a live performance; featuring talented young musicians and professional musicians, that will perform (in sync!) with many percussion instruments of their individual cultural influences that range from Antarctica Eskimo Inuit drum beats to New Orleans style street marching bands and everything in between.



Over the years our cities and towns have really become a very diverse community in which many cultures from around the world now reside. So what’s missing? Music Moves proposes an annual event that would celebrate Asian, Middle Eastern, African, Hispanic and European music and heritage. A likely venue would provide enough space to present these cultures in a ‘global village’ format. All aspects of a truly international festival would be offered that include food, music and arts and crafts. Our proposal is to have each school district and their respective schools (all levels) choose a continent / culture to represent, and during the school year leading up to the event participate in mini events & other presentations that promote learning and understanding of those cultures.

Example: Each District will represent 1 of 7 continents and their subsequent cultures. Each year they rotate.


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