About Us

Music Moves© is a sustainable program to underwrite music education in public schools by partnering with the business community through Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) initiatives.


Traditionally high school band programs survive by holding fund-raising events as well as charging “band fees” to students. The band fees typically generate about 60% of the annual budget needed to operate the band program. Over the years band fees have been increasingly difficult to charge and to collect. As a result, a group of band parents, music teachers and alumni band parents decided to take action.


Thus “Music Moves” was born. The name was created by Kurt Wilson (alumni band parent) “to evoke a double meaning; music moves people emotionally as well as in life – moving them forward and becoming productive citizens”…


The question remained; how can we produce an event or events that will make us stand apart from the typical “high school fund-raiser”?


With the great advice from Stan Aaronson (S. M. Aaronson Marketing), Susie Ruffner (GVHS band parent) Roger Brooks (GVHS Music Director) and Hector Juarez (GVHS Assistant Band Director) we agreed that supporting music education in public schools should not be limited to just band parents. Many documented studies show that children who study music and participate in school music programs are more adept at math, physics and science studies – and are more likely to attend university and earn degrees – a high return on investment for our communities to

produce a well educated workforce…


Kurt Wilson, Founder

Susie Ruffner, Founder